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acrylic & oil on canvas, 40x50cm


oil on canvas, 30x80cm


The abstract painting, especially the ones of Kandinsky, Miro, Pollock, Duchamp, Balla and many others deeply influenced my creative process. I found quite pleasurable moments while watching abstractions, as it gives the space for individual's fantasy and freedom to let the thoughts flow and enjoy it in silence of colors. This one is an abstract acrylic painting with lines of streaming white color over red-blue-yellow background. The background is squared, with almost regular horizontal and vertical lines. The painting evokes inspiration, brain-storming, creativity and self-realization. Painted with acrylic & oil paints on canvas 30x80cm.


Artwork is about the process of knowing the new people - sometimes it is clear directly from the first look, often it takes time and especially mutual experience to know another person. The way she or he behaves in specific situations may surprise us, and it happens that we alter or opinion and standpoint accordingly. Whatever twists and turns may appear during the time, it almost impossible to stay at the same place when it becomes to betrayal. Trust is treasure, and the painting is hiding the sad turns within the curves and lines in the painting. Painted with oil paints on canvas 30x80cm.

Tulips before

oil on canvas, 80x120cm


oil on canvas, 30x40cm

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