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Blue melody

oil on canvas, 24x35cm


oil on canvas, 40x40cm

I do not know

oil on canvas, 75x120cm

Love is in the air

The artwork shows bonds of individual family members. Each person is characterized by a heart of a different color, and energy vibes that surround each person, as well as family as the whole is presented by yellow circles with a mandala-form and meaning. Bubbles and grooves of the background layer suggest the whole world within us.  Painted with oil colors on canvas 100x100cm, a year before I started painting professionally.


oil on canvas, 50x50cm

Trees at night

The artwork depicts the variation of color, shape and energy within trees at night. The whole trunks of trees are divided into geometrical shapes and at the same time they both as if stayed in the center of symbolic spiral coiling into eternal mandala to express the preservation of life. The sun, at the same time has its own symbolic spiral giving the trees inevitable solar energy in circles. Our lives are similar to cycle of a living tree, let's enjoy love, passion and joy people can feel from trees. The artwork is painted with  mixed media on canvas 30x30cm.

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