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A Man

The artwork is adoration of a masculinity (qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of men). The backgrounds landscape with trees in the front presents the vast potential a man. I see a modern man rooted (as mentioned trees) in his pragmatism, being a symbol of life (as a tree is), accompanying with a hunter's instinct of his yang energy, ready to create. I see a modern man as a human being in natural possession of logic, power and authority (placing the man in the center of the painting. The seven-colored-circle aureola around actually shows individual levels self-awareness and self-realization (chakras), with its peak in yellow (our pineal gland). Pineal gland connects individual needs with the collective  awareness. This experience gives a modern man opportunity to use his analytical thinking with open heart to serve himself, and others. The modern man sees bright future on a horizon. Colors symbolize wealth (violet), energy (red) and peace (blue).

Love Rise

Artwork presents all aspects of emotional whirlwind that takes place in bloodstream due to chemistry while being in love, feeling appreciation and gratitude. We often seek external pleasure and feel happy for some time with a possession, adventure, a person or work achievements. However, most of us seek internal satisfaction that only comes with relationship with ourselves. As Oscar Wilde says: If you fall in love with yourself, it is a lifetime relationship. The artwork is an expression of attitudes to everything loveable. Painted on canvas 160x80cm.

Abstraction Iridescent

The artwork is pleasant to look at due to its iridescent acrylic colors, metallic acrylic colors and background black layer, due to which the colors shine from specific angles. The painting is best to view in video. Abstract theme give an option to view painting horizontally, as suggested, where three different trees create gates, pathways. It also interesting to hang the painting vertically, where figurative symbolic may give completely different taste of experience. Golden roses can be found in both directions. Color "iridescent blue black" is simply a must-be-seen everyday.

Relationship and its journey

The artwork is symbolical reflection of the phases in relationship. The hearts in down left corner and upper right corner are two individuals, sharing ups and downs  - the major breakdown is directly in the middle - the black circle with EEG trace. Individuals are connected all the way through the canvas, although at some parts with only tiny white line. The form of a tree is not accidental - periodic cycles allow new sprouts to grow, as new positive experiences in a relationship give better bases for mutual growth. Golden leaves and small roses in the background are here to signal pleasant bonds between the two, few bricks, or at least the remains of bricks refer to continuously falling walls around individual, as there is no need for protective walls anymore.
Painted with oil paints on canvas, however, the last layer is phosphoric acrylic color. The best part is a night watch, you can see phosporic interaction and connection of the hearts, both being a part of the Whole.


In this vibrant acrylic painting, I've poured my passion for the ocean's mystery into an abstract dance of color and texture. The flowing blues and fiery reds evoke the dynamic coral reefs teeming with life, capturing the essence of an underwater haven. This piece will breathe energy and inspiration into any space, igniting a sense of wonder with its rich, layered complexity.


The artwork is reflection to theme: what are the other dimensions we can imagine. This one shines with iridescent, fluorescent and metallic acrylic colours, on two canvases each 50x100cm, creating together as if micro and macro cosmoses of colors, islands of hues with glittering upon direct light. Intensity and vividness of colors is balanced with black.

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