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Sky Harmony

The sky is one of perfect masters of the Nature. Each moment it changes the hues of colors, every second it gives the opportunity to stay aware of the present moment, where the deepest and strongest power lies. Thus it makes itself be a painting for spaces where we need peace of mind like for example bedrooms, baby's rooms or spaces for meditation, or yoga. The viewer may imagine looking at the painting from the layer of snow that ends in the sea or ocean - we can see the sparkling waves as the clear line between water and sky. The colors are mixed in several layers to express perspective and joy for the eye of art lovers.
Artwork is painted with umton oil paints on canvas 50x50cm.


The artwork is fantasy, imagination, inner freedom and silence of the soul on the canvas. It brings the evident difference in parallel worlds, in color, shape and perception as well. It also reflect human soul at times of dilemmas, whether social or personal, and withe calmness and peace that provides it also indicates the way out of this dynamic though and emotion whirlwind. It also allows a viewer to enter the space within distance of universe. Artwork is painted with umton oil paints on canvas 100x100cm.

When dreams come true

The artwork is a way to meditation on individual's innate power, imagination, and beliefs of what thoughts may be manifested in reality. Every dream begins with a wish, with an idea or a single thought - and when we can imagine something, we have the power to manifest it in our lives. Basically we are what we believe. Painted with umton oil paints on canvas 90x120cm stretched on a wooden support.

Aurora Borealis

Artwork as an adoration of aurora borealis, its beauty in forms and colors. Dark green covers both land and water, light green sphere contrasts perfectly with dark transparent green, and symbolizes the cycle of life, and dynamic conditions of our planet. Pink and white quasi-stripe at the top is presents abilities of our brain to understand everything that is going on in our lives. Painted with oil paints on canvas 100x140cm.

Inner Peace

The artwork is a welcome to your inner being, the source of life, the vital energy. The stripes on the right give exact outline where the tourquoise blue ends. Though the blue variant is larger, composition is balanced due to conscious selection of colors. It may be put on wall from any point of view. Painted on canvas 80x80cm.


The artwork expresses the beauty of colours and forms of different changes in the sunlight, sky and hills. Rather than focusing on perspective, I create images directly from imagination, concentrating on simplicity. I play delicately with the light on the horizon. Artwork is painted with acrylic paints on a cardboard 70x100cm.

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