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The artwork is showing fantasy underwater world with as if floating objects, leaving its trails behind - similarly to what happens among people - you always leave a footprint in other's life. Abstraction is painted with umton oil paints, hues are mixed diretly on canvas 80x80cm.

Life cycle

The artwork symbolizes the cycle of Life. From the very beginning until the transition into non-physical. The journey of each of us is different, original, unique, perfect, the true wisdom is to look at our lives in that way.  The painting is painted with oil paints on canvas. Its clarity and tenderness is only the first impression, with few moments in front of it, you may enjoy multiple feelings that arise from the thoughts evoked by it. Painted on canvas 80x120cm.

Life cycle II.

The artwork shows the cycle of energy in all aspects of life. Colours are chosen for inspiration to start each new life cycle with all capacity, shape copies the wheel, as the symbol of the movement. It is painted with oil paints mixed directly on the cardboard 70x100cm.

True Blue

Artwork is a conceptual work on how thoughts affect emotional states, and physical body. Painted with oil paints, hues mixed directly on cardboard.


The floral motive is inspired by a philodendron plant reaching the 1.5 diameter size and perfect health. Artwork reflects connection with inner source in the form of as-if-leaf shape human head. The colors used are oil paints, namely azore red deep and titanium white mixed into a perfect hues of pink directly on canvas 90x70cm. 

Space for You

Artwork reflects connection with inner source and thoughts during pandemic time. Painted with oil paints on canvas 90x90cm.

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