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Your Brain is a Puzzle

The artwork is a pleasure to look at. With its intense strength of color combination, you can focus your mind and make a decision. Its colors, theme, floral motive and mystic layer in the background is simply inspiration, drive, motivation, new ideas, new thoughts. The basic layer is painted with acrylic paints in lines ( visible at the side view), top layer painted with oil colours - all of the are hues of the two paints: madder lake deep and azo red. The floral motive presents the cycle of changes that relationship to one’s Self goes through. Painted with oil colours on canvas 100x100cm

Fata Morgana

The artwork is reflection of meditation practice on satisfaction. We mostly think we will be satisfied when something happens, we achieve object or experience. The painting symbolizes the process of awareness of "make peace where you are" - that is being aware of the present moment, of our body-mind connection, and also connection to others. It is painted with umton oil paints on canvas 70x70cm in several layers, so that I was able to as-if curve the outlines of plants in the same color environment.

Joy of Soul

The artwork presents pure automatic painting following the deep meditation process on the source of everything that is. As the "end product" of many of my meditations end up in incredible burst of joy and passion for life, I guess the colours and shapes of the painting would give the similar feelings. Background colour chroma yellow with titanium white and azo red deep - all of them mixed directly on canvas - provides smooth and gentle hues of the mentioned paints. The contrasting prussian blue may symbolise contrasts that serve us perfectly to find out what one wants, or what one does not want. The floral theme is one my favourite. It is a celebration of life, love, passion, joy, happiness. What else would one desire?Painted on canvas 70x90cm

Pisces Mandala

Artwork is both mandala painting and expressing the spectacular side of nature in color and form - two fish swimming opposite direction, yet in complete harmony with both oneself and each other. The zodiac symbol has traces of golden color that surprises when seeing it from various angles of light. Mandala in the middle of the canvas is as if interwoven into layers around the fish. It takes you directly into the center of soul, inner child, inner god  - to meditate, chill out, or to have a new experience with art. Painted on canvas 80x120cm.

Seeing and feeling the change

The artwork is expression of digesting feelings of confusion, when the whole body feels like breaking into pieces. As radical as it seems, the "Seeing and Feeling" is a perfect way to individual's inner God, inner child, our alter ego or everything that exists while breathing. Vivid contrasting colors of the last layer are the first to notice, and later the painting offers ease while observing its background - tinier and inspiring in detail and color hues. The artwork may at the same time present the changes with pandemic situation worldwide. The artwork is painted with acrylics paints on canvas 70x100cm, stretched on a cardboard.


Heartbeat is so natural, that we hardly pay attention to it unless we feel somehow endangered. Heart has its own electromagnetic field and is directly linked to brain. And that is good to know while having a discrepancy between thoughts and feelings. Painted in acrylics on canvas 45x60cm, the central motive is painted with copper metallic color.

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