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A Point of View

Artwork echoes the part of a landscape as if floating in surrounding, together creating a rhythmic pattern and a sense of space. Emotional effects of contrasting colours are influenced by Cubism and Expressionism. The artwork is painted with oil colours on a cardboard 70x100cm.

Desert Sunset

Artwork portrays the atmosphere of the sunset in a desert after a sand storm. Colors gives nice contrasts to magnify the tension in the air, white stripe of sunlight is small, still powerful. Painting has a calming effect, well-suited for spaces designed to relax and chill.
Painted on canvas 100x100cm with Umton oil paints.


The artwork shows how fragile and precious is a while, a moment, a part of time. Also it shows how strong and inspiring the present moment can be. Painted with oil paints on canvas 100x100cm - titanium white, azo red deep and gold shade. The background is painted with acrylic mixed blue hues and light gold colors.


Artwork offers a "door" to imagination. As the etymology of the word pink (colour of the flowers) explains: "this term (dating from the late 16th century) was perhaps short for pink eye - literally small or half-shut eye", thus the painting may lead you through the leak to the very essence of subtle, tender energy.
The artwork is interesting by its first layer with its corrugated surface, it gives the depth and also different perspectives from the sides. Painted on canvas 120x80cm with oil paints: mudder lake deep, azo red deep and white titanium, mixed directly on canvas into various hue of pink.

Before the Storm

The artwork is expressive witness of the play of colors, shades, and forms of nature, particularly the sea before the coming storm. Silence dominates, as if the time has just stopped. The slight tension in the air promises spectacular show of wind, rain and sunlight.
Enjoy the atmosphere from the canvas stretched on cardboard, painted with oil paints in your office for better brainstorm and concentration, or in your living room, where it is central eye-catcher due to its contrasts.

Productive Emptiness

The artwork reflects very long and somewhat mentally exhausting period of pandemic situation. Its seemingly vast emptiness, however, serves as the space for inertia, setting values and priorities again, and also productivity, new insights necessary for moving on, and finally successful outcomes. Painting portrays a sea and quite large area represents space between the sea and actual sky. It gives perspective and also the need to fill the space with something pleasurable.Painted on canvas 70x50cm.

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