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Wave of Hope

The artwork is a reflection of strong desire for freedom, self-realization and fulfilled life. The idea rises from subconsciousness during meditation practice. Colors and hues are mixed directly on the cardboard while painting. It may resemble a view from the underneath of the sea, looking for brighter distance, future. At the same time, it brings deep understanding of individual identity disappearing during these difficult times over the world. As magic as it seems, it give fantastic experience while watching with direct light, as well as candle light. Painted with Umton oil paints on caardboard 100x140cm, framed.

Blue dream

The artwork is about dreaming - blue color presents calmness, peace, relaxation, as well as depth in meditation and finding the center of one's self. Blue clears, detoxifies, cools - whether emotional whirlwinds or current situations, by watching this mandala-type flower painting you feel peace with yourself. Flowers are symbol of life, symbol of beauty and symbol of life-cycle. This blue flower with its long petals allows the star (symbol of self-reward and one's identity) in its center to catch attention and hold it while meditating. It is painted with Umton oil paints on 70x70cm canvas and it is stretched on wooden support.

Church vs common sense

The artwork is about questioning individual's common sense when it comes to a position of the church within a country and its relations to tendencies and trends being formed into law. The painting is tribute to a man, each one with common sense, clear mind and open character. With such a perspective, we can all live peacefully and wisely. Artwork is painted with Amsterdam acrylic colors on canvas. There is another painting at the back of this one, giving an example of presented topic.

A Thought

Oil painting was created for the exhibition "Factory of Miracles" (Prague, the Czech republic). The artwork expresses the power, direction and value of every single thought we pay attention to. By holding a thought in our mind we perceive an emotion through physical body chemistry and we can know immediately if we like the thought or not. Following the title of the exhibition - for me, a thought is definitely the top miracle and our wonderful brain is an organ to admire and explore. The background of the artwork has few layers - the first one is a mixture of green earth and yellow ochre light colors, creating specific black full of hues, indicating the variety of spacious particles. Next layer was the creation of a brain object in azure blue, azure blue deep, cobalt blue deep and cerulean blue colors, followed by ultramarine red spots, which were later transformed into as-if-synapsies.


Virus caused incredibly different times of fear, stagnation, sadness, frustration, hesitation and also spring blossom, wonder, life reinforcement, time for beauty, calmness and finding individual purpose of life, love and perception of all this. As we hardly change what happens to us, either personally or to the whole mankind, we can change the way we perceive and thus the way we feel about everything. It is definitely better, wiser and more practical to feel peace and joy than to feel fear and anger. I have painted few works since the covid19 appearance, and I am surprised that not a single piece is brutal, violent, sad and depressing. The background of this one is symbolizes the structure of the mind and yellow plants are the ones in the front, most vivid and first to notice. Life is important, and we should cherish ours and the lives of people around.

The Soul of a Tree

The oil painting is about the soul of each and everyone, seeking love, understanding, respect and first of all inner peace. The time of isolation may bring about various suppressed feelings and one may try to find ways how to cope it. Meditation and art is always the way, at least for me. This oil painting is the result of meditation on human soul in solitude, however, though the color and contents may suggest sadness, the opposite is true. When you watch the tree, you feel sudden surge of joy flowing through veins, a new perspective, new depth, new ideas, new visions are born. Enjoy those of yours!

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