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Dynamic Thoughts

Artwork is about thinking, contemplating, analyzing, comparing, and judging. We all have times facing dilemmas and indecisiveness holds us back from satisfactory result. Background layer is painted with greenish, violet and red colors, the front layer with contrasting hues of vivid metallic paints. The artwork is painted with metallic acrylics and with oil pastel in the background, on canvas 80x80cm.


The artwork is a fantasy land at the time of sunset. Using analogy to human soul, layers, forms and colors of the landscape symbolize clarity in thinking, peace of mind, joy to heart. As the painting is a perfect companion during meditation process or yoga, it is always pleasure to look at in the center of the wall in living spaces. Individual hues were created on canvas, while the paint was drying. Canvas 70x100cm is stretched on cardboard.


Artwork is abstract expression of water and plants, connected in mutually profitable cycle. Colors symbolize all elements that create our oceans, land and air. As the environment is what surrounds us, naturally the activities to preserve and protect nature are inevitable. Painted on canvas 50x70cm.

Pure Joy

Blue in oil color contrasts with white surroundings. Its clear, simple lines shows the interconnection and cooperation of branches, its trunk seems strong and firm. This impression of being fragile and alone is balanced with the energy that culminates among branches. Painted with Umton oil paints on canvas 100x70cm, stretched on cardboard.

Mr Lanting's Penguins

Artwork is tribute to penguins, wild-life photography and Mr Frans Lanting, as the painting is inspired by his photographs. His eye and readiness, and apparently love for nature enables the rest of the world to see wild beautiful animals that we rarely see in their natural habitat. The famous photographer caught my eye in 2007 with his amazing photographs of Emperor Penguins of Antarctica. Both settings and mutual bonds that is clearly visible and is undoubtly expression of pure love must catch everyone's heart, at least for few minutes. That one of mine is blessed forever, as every time I see his photographs, I feel enormous joy. Those two partners, lovers, family are one of my favorites, and are followed by first penguin painting from 2009. Artwork is painted with Umtom oil paints on canvas 92x65cm. It is expressionistic in color, long-lasting in pleasure.

Natural Cycles

Mixed media on canvas 100x70cm, stretched on cardboard.

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