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Sky is the Limit

Artwork is adoration of changing forms of clouds, sunlight and shades. Watching it feels like a peace coming into your body and mind. Still, an observer is the witness of such a quick change  - each moment lasts just a few seconds. It may show us the length of human life, sometimes referred to as the blink of an eye, or the time between breathing in and breathing out. Happiness is brought by enjoying each moment with full awareness - it is not important what you look at and what you see. Painted with oil paints on cardboard 100x70cm.

It is not what you look at it, it is what you see

The artwork is outcome of meditation upon the thought "what makes you happy". Even when the result may vary, the majority of us need understanding, love, support and joy. While watching nature in its miraculous cycles, the inner peace is obtainable and  each of us may fulfill the dreams. Painted with umton oil paints on canvas, the painting is suitable for bedrooms, meditation spaces, as well as living rooms and offices to bring light and a moment of stillness, when necessary. Painted with oil paints on canvas 100x100cm.


The artwork is a perception of a weather change - its combination of contrasting colors and intensity. While watching the nature's wonderful performance, an individual may come to peace of mind, relax and new ideas, insights and thoughts appear. Happiness and joy radiates from the meditation with this deeply relaxing mixture of blue hues. Enjoy the light before and within you. Painted with oil paints on canvas 50x100cm.


The artwork shows the profound change, shift, transformation of perspective, thought, opinion, view. A complete and definite changes that happen during isolation due to pandemic situation in world may bring positive changes and complete different views and perspective of oneself, and the world around. The artwork is painted with phthalocyanine blue, azo red deep and titanium white oil paints on two canvases - each of dimensions 120x90x1.5cm.


Artwork is a reflection of the most powerful artist - the nature, especially its sunsets, sun beams among mist and clouds, bringing the part of the planet night to relax. This particular oil painting is inspired by sunsets in Cape town, at the Table Mountain. Peaceful mind is absolutely essential for one's fulfilled life.


Artwork is about uniqueness of time, each moment, while being fully aware. Unexpected moments often surprise and are felt deeply with such an intensity, that various emotions, often contradictory,  may be experienced. Enjoy the silence, enjoy the moment. Painted with Amsterdam acrylics and metallic acrylics on canvas 80x80cm.

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