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Tree in sun

The tree is a symbol of life, energy, cycle, passion, joy and vitality. This tree, of which a crown outlines the sun, is in red color, as the symbolic memory for all the trees that burn every year due to forest fires. No leaves, no green - despite the blue sky and direct sun, the tree hardly survives in flames. Human beings can help to protect nature by being responsible and careful while spending time in the nature, and extinguishing fire places and also but not leaving cigarette-ends around. As this individual has strong roots, firm trunk and beautiful crown, I believe it survives the heat and flames. Artwork is painted by Amsterdam acrylic colors, and rembrandt oil and soft pastels on a cardboard.


The artwork is another devotion to trees, as living energy, pulsing life, freshness and ease. As the branches of these two as if held the sky, they provide a shade under their crowns. There is a splendid life of birds and insects above the trees, within their bodies and also under them. Firm, thick trunks reflect stable roots and definite connection to the ground, as well as to each other. We know that the root system helps any tree in a need with glucose. Painted with Van dyke oil pastels and Amsterdam acrylic colors on canvas. It has a geometric background and a symbolic front layer. A white passe-partout of 10-15cm around the painting will do miracles when watching it on your wall.


The artwork is an abstract perception of dialogue between two individuals, two souls. Though each of them is distinctively different in color, the shapes and "as-if" people objects are interwoven in both. The painting can be also seen as the Landscape in Sunset , when put horizontally. There the painting offers peace of mind and rest for the soul. Painted with acrylic colors on canvas 30x80cm, stretched on a wooden frame.

New Beginning

Artwork is reflection of universe with an embryo in spiral in its center. Combination of metallic acrylic paints and soft pastels gives depth or perspective both horizontally and vertically. Titles "New Beginning", the artwork will look perfect framed to inspire, make think in a relaxed mood.

Let it be

The artwork is about freedom of mind when focusing on inner self, either through guided meditation or with the help of natural sounds like birds, wind, leaves of trees. The freedom of expression begins with understanding and accepting oneself. It is typically done after many contrasts that serve as the guide to what an individual truly wants. This diptych has positive vibes, vivid colors and is the perfect match almost to any space, especially creative one, enabling the viewers to let go worries. The artwork consists of two canvases 100x100x4cm, painted with acrylic paints.


oil on canvas 20x15cm

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