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Corona in Nature

A tree symbolizes the blooming of nature while the humankind is suffering from corona virus. Clear air, quiet forests, springtime and sunshine - that is perfect co-existence of various living forms. The painting is at the same time the tribute to Mother Earth to its "Earth Day". Let us cherish the treasures of nature, when each of us starts individually, eventually we can do it together! Painted in oil colors on cardboard 70x100cm.


Artwork is about relationship between two people, similar to sides of a feather - different color, different direction, still they may share something mutual that binds them together for a while. White color is carefully interwoven into blue and violet colors, giving the numerous possibilities of hues, especially in different sources of light. This oil painting is calming, relaxing and full of inspiration for creation perfect base for any relationship full of understanding, love, care and respect, beginning with the one to ourselves. Painted with oil colors on canvas 70x50cm.

Tree, a survivor

The artwork is direct impact of burning forests in April, as woods are very dry and hot. This tree despite flames is starting to blossom, slowly, partly showing new leaves full of life and vitality. The nature finds its way, they say, and life is the most important. That is why it is called "survivor".  The artwork is painted on stretched canvas with wooden support, with acrylic colors Amsterdam and soft pastel rembrandt. Smaller in size, still rich in color and content will perfectly reflect its message under direct light or sunlight.

Without a name, within a frame

Artwork started with a tribute to the following oil colors: prussion blue, phthalocyanine blue and blue violet, with sparing partner in color shades, as well as the theme: madder lake deep. The painting symbolizes fight, struggle, dilemma. Its semi-abstract form allows more freedom with own imagination around geometry. It is intense and peaceful and this extraordinary emotional tandem makes this painting unique. Painted with oil colors on cardboard 100x70cm.


The artwork is a parallel to a chessboard game, however, in this oil painting the players are not queen and king with their teams ready to protect them and fight for the victory, but flower buds, ready to blossom and make the beautiful colorful meadow out of a checkered chessboard. The opposite teams are not distinguished by black and white (questionable too!), but almost identical, to express humans to be very similar, almost identical in their nature, different in views, thinking, opinions and preferences. The board also has a place, a forum - among the closest opposites to indicate a space for talk, harmony, accord and consensus. The dots and spots among the heads of buds symbolize very tiny details that differ individuals from each other. The whole idea is to give an option of agreement, rather than classical chess ends - victory or draw - being played by millions people worldwide. Painted with Umton oil colors on cardboard.

Raw Art

The artwork is catching the material and artist in the process. Putting the layers of colors - in this case three of them, of which the visible is the last one - colorful lines one by one presenting the joy and optimism of creative work. Some lines reveal the first or the second layer and thus make the whole impression more interesting. The borders, edges of the painting may evoke unfinished work, however, it is the intention to leave it as it is, to catch viewers' attention in the same way as vivid colors of the painting. That is why it is entitled "raw art". Artwork is painted with Amsterdam acrylic colors on canvas 120x100cm.

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