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Behind the Curtain

Artwork symbolizes paradox - as the colors are bright and positive, the face is hidden behind the curtain. Philosophy says that the deepest and purest truth lies in paradoxes. Though the environment may provide everything that one needs for life, including good health, self-realization in family and work, the posture of a person hiding behind the curtain tends to show doubt and fear. The painting is a symbolic tool to remind anyone who puts it on the wall that no matter what outer situation is, the inner feelings, moods, actions are strongly dependent on our thoughts, views, standpoints. It is a kind of kind message saying: everything is just fine.
Painted with Umton oil paints on canvas stretched on a wooden frame will perfectly fit especially to smaller or darker spaces - it will lighten it up a bit. Enjoy :-)

Eucalyptus Deglupta

The artwork is adoration of a tree, namely eucalyptus deglupta. The painting is violent as the colors that are used, and since it is an abstract art on a square canvas , you get four different paintings when you turn it. painted with Umton oil paints on canvas.

Sunset in Rain

Artwork is pure joy and inner silence expressed through the rain falling before sunset. The sky above and below reflect the balance of nature forces. When we witness such a natural performance, we truly live in the present moment, without a thought, worry and a plan. Admiration, gratefulness and peace are omnipresent. With the help of our physical senses, mind stops wandering, heart slows its beat and a person is happy. Painted with Umton oil colors on cardboard.


with white color that presents clarity and necessity. The title Genesis (not referring the first book of the biblical scriptures of both Judaism and Christianity), is message of the creation and formation of individual beliefs. Painted with Umton oil paints, it will be perfect on the wall of a bedroom, or in spaces for yoga or meditation.

Wave of Hope

The artwork is a reflection of strong desire for freedom, self-realization and fulfilled life. The idea rises from subconsciousness during meditation practice. Colors and hues are mixed directly on the cardboard while painting. It may resemble a view from the underneath of the sea, looking for brighter distance, future. At the same time, it brings deep understanding of individual identity disappearing during these difficult times over the world. As magic as it seems, it give fantastic experience while watching with direct light, as well as candle light. Painted with Umton oil paints on canvas, framed.

Blue dream

The artwork is about dreaming - blue color presents calmness, peace, relaxation, as well as depth in meditation and finding the center of one's self. Blue clears, detoxifies, cools - whether emotional whirlwinds or current situations, by watching this mandala-type flower painting you feel peace with yourself. Flowers are symbol of life, symbol of beauty and symbol of life-cycle. This blue flower with its long petals allows the star (symbol of self-reward and one's identity) in its center to catch attention and hold it while meditating. It is painted with Umton oil paints on 70x70cm canvas and it is stretched on wooden support.

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