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Mandaloid II.

Artwork is a reflection of turbulence of mind before meditation, or any activity that calms a person. it is a complex of colors, emotions and thoughts. the center symbolizes an individual in the deep blue and violet fields of universe. It triggers imagination and fantasy - just watch it for a while. The painting has a square form that perfectly enables to spot the center immediately. Apart from colors, the painting uses the "waste" from pencils after sharpening it. It is scattered around the canvas and glued before it is painted as universe. It also gives a different perspective while viewed from different angles.mixed media on canvas 50x50cm.

Tribute to Salvador Dalí

Since my childhood I have admired the works of Salvador Dali, and surrealism. The ability to combine unreal vision into a composition is unique. Fantastic use of colors and shapes - it is all source of imagination journey of each of us. The painting in oil colors, acrylics and pastels symbolizes the conformity and individuality at the same time. Each of us is different personality, we all have our own view of world, and still we are all the one, just like this painting. Painted with mixed media on canvas 70x50cm.

Spring Tree

Artwork shows a tree in a springtime - light pink color, branches full of life, as if in a motion. Continuously it will be covered with young leaves. The nature, especially a tree, is my lifetime passion and inspiration. Artwork is painted with pastel and acrylic colors on cardboard 78x59cm.

Blue Sun

oil on canvas 30x40cm

Parrot's Eye

The artwork is inspired by a trip to South America - the variety of birds, their feather, beaks and sounds is truly an experience to remember. The style is influenced by Gustav Klimt and surrealist painters. Due to metallic colors the artwork offers different views from different perspectives. Painted with mixed media on canvas 60x45cm.

We are all One

The artwork deals with how racism can be transformed into understanding and tolerance, of course with the power of love. Painted with acrylic paints on canvas 100x100cm during the symposium.

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