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Artwork evokes summer atmosphere on Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro - the dream destination of many. You see sun and smiling people strolling or jogging on the favourite beach. When attention is shifted towards the water, you can feel depth, magic and energy. Contrasts create splendid holiday atmosphere to rethink values, intentions and desires. The Copacabana is formally exacting - its contours precise, its color crystalline, its lines, surfaces and accents  carefully rhymed. Painted with oil paints on canvas 150x100cm.


Artwork presents a connection of all forms of nature - people, animals, plants, trees, water and all the universe cycles that are known to mankind. The landscape layout symbolizes connection to the Earth, the couple of trees sharing a crown shows connection to another living beings and the sun in the shape of mandala presents connection to life cycles. The oval shape of the main object in the painting acts as a symbolic fetus. The fetus of our thoughts, beliefs, connection to oneself. Painted with oil paints on cardboard 70x50cm.

Blue Melody

oil on canvas 80x80cm


This painting is a symbolic reminder of equality, balance and homeostasis. It is a landscape, a part of a lake in the direct sun. The mystery of the painting is reflected in opposites of color, and simplicity of the image. Quite a space of canvas stays unpainted in order to achieve maximum visual intensity. Painted with acrylic paints on canvas 70x100cm.

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