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Birches II.

The painting is inspired by fantastically changing and pleasure revealing  birch trees in the area of the Little Carpathian mountains. It is hilly, full of life, colours, natural sounds and fresh air - everything you need to be able to perceive the beauty of the wild. The combination of acrylic and pastels colors is expressed vividly, perfect motivation for rest after studies in rooms for children and teenagers. Painted with mixed media on cardboard 100x70cm.

Source II.

The artwork is a landscape in a fantasy land, similarly to neural circuits in our brain. Landscape feature gives layout to abstract dynamics in the middle of it. Perspective depends on the point of view. Contrasting colors, as well as metallic paints, gives the painting a vivid and inspiring vibe. painted with mixed media on cardboard 70x100cm.

Woman with a Hat

mixed media on cardboard 70x100cm

Mandala Lampshade

acrylic on canvas 50x50cm


mixed media on canvas 70x50cm


acrylic on canvas 80x80cm

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