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Energy Whirwind

mixed media on canvas 150x100cm

Aka si mi krásna, Ty rodná zem moja

oil on canvas 60x80cm


acrylic on canvas 70x50cm


pastel on canvas 70x70cm

Vysoka of the Carpathians

mixed media on cardboard 70x100cm

Vysoka II.

The artwork is nature in sunset, mountain (Vysoka Mt.) standing above woods of beautiful Carpathian mountains in Slovakia. The area is rich in life, tremendous natural beauty, precious tranquility, offering plenty of perspectives how to perceive and look at nature, human race and individuals. The basic layer is in acrylic colors with pastels to give deeper perspective on individual hues of colors. Red, orange and magenta prevail, as it often happens before dusk. During covid 19 spreading, I miss walls in nature so much and I am really happy for memories, photographs and paintings depicting our treasure of forests. Painted with mixed media on canvas 70x50cm.

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