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oil on canvas 150x100cm

Trees at Night

The artwork was created during art symposium at the mansion surrounded by a beautiful park full of old trees. as nature, especially trees, are my passion, it is being expressed all year round. the calmness, a bit of mystery and a palette of blue, violet and brown hues may take you for inner journey to your soul. Painted with acrylic paints on canvas 100x100cm.

Travelling Eucalyptus deglupta

oil on cardboard 58x78cm

Secret Life of Forests

The artwork presents non-visible energy (yellow lines) that circulates within nature, all around us. it is a favorite theme - nature, trees and their beauty. It is shows my admiration of nature, especially mountains and trees - specifically the Little Carpathian Mountain range spreading over the place I live. Pure beauty. Artwork was created at summer art symposium Lehnice 2019.mixed media on canvas 50x50cm.


mixed media on canvas 80x60cm

Vysoka for Brixie

The painting shows sunset and colours over fields and a mountain peak high above meadows, all in an sunlight. Each time I go walking in nature, I come back to certain areas, and Vysoka in the Little Carpathians in Slovakia is definitely the place to return. Not far from nearest village, with breathtaking views on almost each direction gives rewarding feeling of satisfaction, joy and peace in mind. I used Amsterdam acrylic colours and Gioconda soft pastels on cardboard 78x59cm.

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