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February Trees

Artwork symbolizes a wishful thinking about springtime, colors and most of all the sun, as during winter months, especially February, the nature is more or less grayish. Trees are my favorite topic, adored subject, great teachers, too. The bonding regarding nutrition and protection is unbelievable, there is a lot to learn from nature and apply into our daily experience. The artwork is painted with oil paints on canvas 70x70cm.


Artwork expresses experience from African safari, country, nature and culture. Its beauty, purity, transparency and diversity. My first encounter with African wildlife deeply influenced the way I perceive life and nature, especially animals and trees. Watching game outdoors during different phases of a day was wonderful experience and inspiration. I am very thankful for having felt animals up close, being aware of power, strength and beauty they emit. The painting has several layers that give it certain plasticity and are definitely impact of my adoration of abstract expressionism. Colours (oil, acrylic and pastel) are selected according to African countryside, as I remember it. Painted with mixed media on canvas 100x100cm.


On abstract background a flower represents how fragile and tender human being is. Surrounded by perfectly both matching and contrasting colors, the center gives relief during meditation, and/or relaxation time. The vibe of the painting is seemingly blueish, indicating sad moment. The painting needs contrast framing. Painted with mixed media on cardboard 100x70cm.

Green Joy (Army Boy)

The painting was inspired by a young boy with strong passion for army, who came to my art studio. The talented boy "finished" a mandala painting with turning it into a shooting target. Fantasy is wonderland :-) The artwork is painted in several layers. The shreds visible under the last layer are the leftovers from sharpening pencils. The shreds cover mainly the center of the painting in the form of cycle, mandala for the energy flow. The floral motive of the artwork was painted over the cycle of shreds. Painted with mixed media on canvas 100x100cm.


oil on cardboard 60x60x3cm

Love in a Cube

mixed media on canvas 100x100x3cm

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