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A Perspective

The artwork offers a new way of experiencing life by choosing different perspective how to view everything within oneself and around oneself. Painting represents freedom of choice and living life according to dreams. The red, violet, pink, purple and blue shapes arranged in as-if behind white lines present partly-revealed and partly hidden reality. Static wild bird's attention is firmly focused on what is behind the lines. The bird thus may symbolize the  cognitive faculties of the human mind like consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, judgement, language and memory.

Ab Aeternum

The artwork is a playful adoration of geometry, shapes and color combination. Several layers each in different shades of selected colors gives the painting a perspective of centering the clear shaped form in the middle. The composition is drawing, the rest painted with mixed media on canvas 60x80cm.


Nature in all its forms is inevitable for our healthy and satisfied lives. Life-cycle, weather changes, relations and bonds among animals, trees and water of our planet create perfect atmosphere and settings. Moments at sunrise/sunset, breathtaking views enable our inner beings nourish. What is in the focus of our attention, it exists in the center of our life. Let the nature be where it is. Painted with mixed media on canvas 100x140cm.


Small mandalas in the backgound are painted with oil colors, mainly brown and ochre hues. A blooming flower is acrylic drawing. Drawing with acrylic paintings on oil layer on canvas is smooth, light and extremely satisfactory, like Euphoria for art lovers. Painted with mixed media on canvas 100x120cm.

Fenix II.

mixed media on canvas 80x120cm


mixed media on canvas 60x60cm

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