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Tree I.

Facial image of face on a tree represent a sad thought occupying the mind. Tree symbolizes a human head of a human. The artwork is a reflection of a person living the life in own head. There is a white fog outside of a head. Background 1-3mm high layer provides certain plasticity. The artwork is painted with oil colors.


mixed media on canvas 100x120cm

Before a Storm II.

oil on canvas 60x80cm


mixed media on canvas 65x92cm

Energy Tree

Nature, especially trees, are my lifetime inspiration, space to relax, to ease worries and place to welcome joy just by watching it. The painting A Tree in January is analogy to times of solitude, where individual beauty can be emanated into the outer world. Time, when inner god, soul or energy is heard, while there is limited number of colors, sounds and the part of nature sleeps to continue in wonderful life cycle right after winter time. The trunk of the tree is full of colors, as it spirals energy from roots up to its branches. The painting is combination of vivid acrylic colors and solid white oil layer surrounding it. Perfect for meditation space and bedroom. Painted with mixed media on canvas 70x90cm.


mixed media on canvas 70x70cm

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