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oil on canvas 50x50cm


A5, encaustics

Ocre Guy

acrylic on A3 paper

Wishes-come-true Sun

mixed media on A3 paper


mixed media 120x100cm


The artwork shows a woman's torso in pregnancy and a group of colorful shining fish as if swimming out of a woman's body. Colors are mostly acrylic, with certain pastel layers. Metallic acrylics in fish reflects direct light differently from different angles of view. Semi-abstract in form (layout of a painting is abstract composition with a torso in the middle - that gives the painting more expression and makes abstraction more interesting), its soft curves, rounded outlines and multi-color background promise a long-lasting viewer's pleasure. The artwork represents the greatness of human life, it honors mother, feeder, love giver and first support of most of us in life. Painted with mixed media on canvas 150x100cm.

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