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Snow Trees

mixed media on canvas

Surprise Tree

mixed media on canvas, 70x90cm


mixed media on canvas, 70x70cm

Blue Death of Andy Warhol - Tribute to Andy Warhol

Painting: Acrylic on Cardboard from the exhibition Tribute to Andy Warhol, 2014. Artwork inspired by very improbable, sudden, still sad death of Andy Warhol, who dies while having a standard gall-bladder surgery. The artwork is a part of series that was exhibited in an Ice Bar, when the ice walls were lighted to a spectrum of changing colours. The paintings have all black backgrounds - that is also why the exhibition was called "Black".  Thus artwork shows Andy with a blue shadow of as-if-a-mask, symbolising the sad death. As I consider Warhol a great influencer of masses, the exhibition was total pleasure to prepare and present.mixed media on hardboard, 70x100cm.

Mahatma - Tribute to Andy Warhol

A painting from series “Tribute to Andy Warhol”. Warhol’s Rorschach test was an inspiration for the background.  A clear colorful message of Mahatma in the front "Be the change you want to see in the world” is the challenge for everyone. Painted with mixed media on canvas, 100x100cm.

Prejudice - Tribute to Andy Warhol

mixed media on canvas, 70x100cm

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